The 6 Qualities of Consciousness: Practical Insights from the Tantric Tradition of Yoga

The 6 Qualities of Consciousness: Practical Insights from the Tantric Tradition of Yoga

This powerful book will take you on a profound journey into the depths of human existence. Prepare to be inspired, ignite your curiosity and gain a richer understanding of what it means to engage with the beauty of life in every moment.
— Coby Kozlowski
This book exemplifies Danny Arguetty; perpetual teacher, student, practitioner, scholar, and always seeking to better the existence of all. He has a way of gleaning through the immense teachings and vast knowledge of yoga and Tantra and making them applicable and real to our everyday modern lives. Here you will find many riches and treasures, put tougher like a smorgasbord of easy delights for your soul.
— Devarshi Steven Hartman
I cannot tell you how often people ask me to recommend an accessible book on tantric yoga philosophy. There have been so few good resources. At long last, here’s a great one. Going forward, this will be added to the required reading list of my yoga teacher training. Danny Arguetty just made it a whole lot easier to teach yoga.
— Bernadette Birney
A daring personal exploration of the impact of modern Tantric practice on body awareness, power, tribal identity and freedom. The 6 Qualities of Consciousness is packed with valuable tips for living yoga.
— Lorin Roche
Finally, a book on Tantra yoga that is accessible, informative, inspiring, and just plain fun to read! It’s a very well-rounded presentation of this philosophy and practice. The tone is compassionate and encouraging, with a healthy hint of fire that is often needed to kick-start a shift in one’s life.

References to ancient texts? Check! Brief scholarly excerpts? Check! Inspiring, real-life anecdotes? Check! Sound, practical advice? Check! All of this wrapped up in a beautifully designed book that is great for anyone interested in yoga and mindful living.
— Carol Bosco Baumann

The 6 Qualities of Consciousness is a revolutionary text which brings forth ancient teachings from the Tantric tradition of yoga into every day life. 

Journey into these six attributes of existence and discover how they reside in you, as you, and all around you. Celebrate profound intelligence, unbounded freedom, your perfect yet ever evolving nature, the joy of community, the promise of infinite abundance, and the natural ebb and flow of life in continual primal motion. 

Through this book you will: 

  • Move beyond mere contentment and step into a life of abundant flourishing here and now.
  • Empower your desires, take dedicated action, and show up in a way that expresses your passions while uplifting the collective.
  • Engage in practical exercises to awaken each quality and invoke more clarity, connection, skill, and beauty on your path.
  • Gain more scope on yoga’s migration to the West, understand the difference between yoga’s philosophical traditions, and learn about the Tantra’s rich heritage and diverse teachings.
  • Immerse in the latest scientific research highlighting the physiological and psychological benefits of everyday mindfulness and practical yogic wellness techniques.
  • Marvel in awe inspiring real life examples of wonder, sourced from the natural world.

Key Info:

Author: Danny Arguetty
Illustrator: Philip Nato
Publisher: Danny Arguetty, 1st edition (6/2015),
Paperback / E-book / Audio Book  / 312 pages / 9 x 7 x 0.6 inches / Shipping Weight 1 pound
ISBN-10: 0996299343
Mind/Body/Yoga/Empowered Living 
For rights and permissions contact Danny


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Nourishing the Teacher: Inquiries, Contemplations & Insights on the Path of Yoga

Nourishing the Teacher: Inquiries, Contemplations & Insights on the Path of Yoga

Inspired by his study of Tantra...Arguetty presents seed concepts drawn from yoga philosophy and his own life potential opportunities for self-exploration.
— Yoga Journal
So well written. A book I will reference and cherish for life.
— Maureen O.
Nourishing the Teacher is comprehensive, thought provoking, wise and very, very beautiful.
— Madelyn C.
This was the first book I have ever considered buying twice, so I could have both the Kindle edition with me everywhere, and the paperback for its beautiful content.
— Michael S.
Beautifully written, and a fantastic read! This book allows for inner dialogue and creativity to flourish.
— Michie R.

Nourishing the Teacher is a rich resource for yoga practitioners and teachers who want to deepen their practice with focused theme based inquires. The book draws upon the vast intelligence of Tantric yoga philosophy, nature, and ancient cultures to provide a creative springboard for a more fulfilling well-rounded yoga experience.

Every Theme Includes:

  • Thought provoking insights
  • Posture ideas
  • Off the matt inquiries
  • Descriptive synonyms
  • Inspirational phrases
  • A creative image
  • Specific breath techniques
  • A closing class ritual
  • An additional note on how to best embody and implement the theme

Revitalize the way you practice, live, and teach the art & science of yoga!

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